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BCI Prestressed Decking System

BCI obtained the expertise of South African Precast Slab manufacturers, KBW Precast and DBL, to enable BCI to supply a proven Rib and Block slab system to our clients countrywide and beyond.

Only the highest quality cement, sand, stone and prestressing wires are used. Manufacture is to SABS 0100 Part 2. BCI staff undertake daily quality controls on stressing and test concrete quality and strength. Delivery is done by BCI’s fleet of trucks from its factory in Windhoek

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  • Design to SABS 0160 & SABS 0100
  • Structural Drawing and Inspection Provided
  • Prestressed Concrete Ribs; 150mm x 60mm, 40 MPa, 4mm Wire 1770 MPa stressed to 70% GUTS
  • Quality Concrete Blocks
  • Wire Mesh Ref 100 Steel Reinforced
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